Tips For Having A Very Happy Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Gluten Free Pumpkin Pie

The holiday season is my favorite time of year, hands down. All the yummy breads, desserts, and meats along with family gatherings, warm fires, and classic movies – who could not love it!

Being gluten free doesn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying the holidays – here’s how I do it.

Turkey: Obviously, my family doesn’t stuff the turkey with a gluten stuffing. With Udi’s Gluten Free Bread, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Breads, Wheatless in Seattle bread, and Glutino’s bread crumbs we have lots of bread crumb options for making gluten free stuffing. Jules Gluten Free has a great Thanksgiving stuffing recipe that I highly recommend.

Organic Creamery Goat Cheese

Yams: Most Thanksgiving baked yam dishes are gluten free, but not sugar free. I never really understood why it’s tradition to bake mashed yams with brown sugar and then marshmallows on top. Yams are already so sweet on their own! Here is my Thanksgiving Day Yam Masher Recipe

6-8 Yams (Baked or steamed, then mashed)
1-2 packages of Goat Cheese (my favorite is Organic Creamery Goat Cheese)
Technique: Mix in goat cheese when the yams are still warm so the cheese blends in. That’s it! So easy!

Mashed Potatoes: Are naturally gluten-free. Add a little milk and garlic and voila! You have light and fluffy mashers!

Next up is Gravy: If you are used to making your gravy with wheat flour, it’s easy to change to an all purpose gluten free flour or corn starch. Both thicken gravy just as well as wheat flour.

Bread Rolls: A couple weekends ago I took a class from Jules Gluten Free that taught us how to make gluten free beer bread rolls. They were simply put, the best rolls I have ever tasted. That said I am always experimenting with mixing Jules flour with quinoa flour, so I can get more fiber, but you mine as well go for it on Thanksgiving and bake the real

Gluten Free Beer Bread Rolls


Vegetables: In my family we usually make green bean casserole with gluten free cream of mushroom soup and crispy onions baked on top. But now we just opt to steam green beans to reduce the amount fat and calories.

Mediterranean Snack Gluten Free Lentil Crackers

Snacks: Of course there are lots of snack options out there, most involve cheese and crackers, veggies, fruit, and/or cured meats. Obviously, most of these items are gluten free, except crackers. My favorite crackers are Mediterranean Snack’s Gluten Free Rosemary Herb Lentil Crackers.

Desserts: The best part of Thanksgiving are the desserts! Let’s see there is pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and whipping cream as the main staples. If you’re creative then apple pie is thrown into the mix, along with cookies, and cobblers. The list is endless!

Jules Gluten Free has a great gluten free crust, if you are hinkering to make your own crust. She also has a fabulous graham cracker mix for the cheesecake variety. I personally don’t have time to make crusts, unless I’m baking something like apple or berry pies. Whole Foods has their own brand of gluten free crusts that are absolutely flawless. Flying Apron (tends to be vegan) and few other brands sell pre-made pies and crusts out of Whole Foods and PCC in Seattle.

Gluten Free White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies


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